The Dr. Conquer Difference

     Dr. Conquer's products are built for the people, not the profit. All of Dr. Conquer's bar soaps are crafted by hand and built to give you the best possible experience and hygiene. As the founders, we started this company to create a pleasant experience from the start to the end.

     Our first step was creating a product line. We started our journey in an effort to combat the sheer lack of options in mens' hygiene products. We decided that it was time that we, alongside everyone else, knew exactly what we were using on our bodies. With this mission in mind we set out to provide completely natural and organic soaps fit for every man. Our paraben-free formulas refrain from using the toxic and harmful chemicals big brands have been pumping into their soaps for years, many of which remained a mystery to the consumers. We love every-single-one of the products we sell, we wouldn’t let them anywhere near you with our name on them if it were otherwise.

     Our next step was customer satisfaction. What use is a good product if we can't formulate a relationship with our customer? From the ideation stage, we knew that being real with our customers was a necessity. You can see this in our extensive natural ingredients list, and in the way we treat our clients. We recognize that you are people just like us, and when you have something to say we want to listen. With every sale, we hope to earn a customer for life. Our mothers raised us to treat people the way we want to be treated, and that carries over to our business. 

     Finally, our third value is consistency in all aspects of conducting business. Like the bow on the top of a present, we want you to associate our name with a good experience. We started this company for the people, and we want it remain that way.

     At the end of the day we started Dr. Conquer to provide YOU with products you can feel comfortable using as well as a company you can trust. And, we want to say thank you for taking the time to look into our mission and who we are. Try any of our products and you'll notice the difference between us and the rest of the guy out there. Whether you're prepping for a championship game or a multi-million dollar business deal our products will have you ready to Conquer the World. 

-Brock Warwick